Adventures with Clock Tower

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Rafting on the Martha Brae

Located just three miles inland from Falmouth, you can board a thirty foot long bamboo raft and enjoy an hour long raft ride on the Martha Brae. You can also visit “Miss Martha’s Herb Garden”, containing many of the Jamaican herbs known for their medicinal and healing properties.
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Glistening Lagoon

Once housing a wharf where large ships would unload goods onto smaller boats for onward delivery, the Lagoon is home to millions of dinoflagellates (microscopic organisms) which, when agitated, produce an eerie glow due to the combination of layers of salt and fresh water. Take a boat tour to the middle of the lagoon at sunset, jump in the water and experience the bio-luminescence that is said to be the largest and most brilliant of only four in the world.
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Dunn’s River Falls

A stunning waterfall extending across more than 600 feet and flowing directly into Caribbean Sea. An exhilarating day out where you can climb up the Falls, explore the pools and lagoons along the way, then visit the craft market and picnic area.
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Green Grotto Caves

The caves have a rich history, having first been inhabited by the indigenous Arawak (Tainos), as well as used by the Spaniards as a hideout when the English invaded in the seventeenth century, by smugglers running arms to Cuba and even by the Government to store barrels of rum! The caves are 1.5 metres long and 12 metres deep.
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Mystic Mountain

Fantastic theme park featuring a chair lift tour, a mountain bobsled ride, and a canopy zip line, as well as a waterslide and an infinity edge pool. You will travel 700m above sea level and experience beautiful views over Ocho Rios.
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Blue Mountain Peak

There are several stunning hiking trails to choose from with outstanding scenery along the way. The hikes are fairly easy to manage, especially if you have a reasonable level of fitness. Many species of flora and fauna can be seen, including Jamaica’s national bird, the Doctor Bird, as well as Blue Mountain coffee plantations and wild strawberries.
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